Automatic Brass Tube Replacement (PATENT)

Machine Features:

.Each axis is controlled by an AC servo with high precision (up to 7 axes).

.Using immersion processing reduces of perforation time.

.Can option special perforation detection control to reduce the time of perforation.

.As long as you tap the tap water, you can automatically produce pure water to process.

.Can be option ionized water and the processing efficiency is high. With the normal filtration system, the processing fluid can be recycled all the time, eliminating the environment of discharging waste water.

.64 bit industrial computer (IPC), 8 axis motion control card, high stability and reliability.

.Option addition SKM serve system. Via the internet instant monitoring machine processing, program file transfer.

.Use dialogue editor, simple and easy to understand. Also combined ISO code acceptable CAD/CAM format files can be widely used.

.Special processing code, can set up to 6 different depths and processing conditions for each hole machining, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.